Order, warehouse and inventory management for electronics brands

Common electronics and appliances industry problems that drive businesses to Cin7

We lose track of our components in stock as we build custom desktops.

You have difficulty managing inventory and making purchases as you turn commodity motherboards and controllers into value-added systems. Cin7 integrates inventory levels with easy PO generation, and batch and serial tracking to manage relatively complex builds.

As you sell custom products at different prices through different channels, you don’t have a clear understanding of how your revenue translates to gross profits. Cin7 applies accurate inventory and landed costs and integrates with accounting solutions for precise gross profits reporting.

You manage your warehouse with non-integrated software, making order management difficult and stocktakes very time-consuming. Cin7 integrates your eCommerce, online marketplace and retail channels with your warehouse for streamlined picking and packing. Multiple employees can work simultaneously to accelerate your stocktaking.

“Cin7’s helped our business gain visibility and (the Payment Portal has been) a significant benefit in terms of cash flow and getting money in the door quicker.”
Kody Capps, Managing Partner, Video Conference Gear