Optimal Stock Control and Customer Experience

Build to Order

Create custom builds and bundles for your retail customers, and keep customers coming back.

Track Stock Efficiently

Simplify stock movements and follow your inventory using manufacturer serial numbers.

Happier Returns

Minimize your workload as you handle manufacturer warranties and returns for retail customers.

Distribute Anywhere

Get your B2B business humming. Fulfill orders from your warehouse /3PL for all your wholesale channels.

"It’s gone from a whole day’s worth of work every week to maybe an hour in total. Cin7 has cut down the work considerably."
Ruth Townsend, Inventory Planning Manager, Anova

Features Built for Electronics Brands

Serial Number Tracking

Scan or bulk copy/paste serial number to enter products into your inventory; use serial numbers to ease returns and warranty handling.

Inventory and Order Management

Serial inventory tracking; create orders from quotes; create product bundles; handle returns and track warranties. Learn More

Multichannel Integration

Built-in POS, built-in B2B Ecommerce module, quick and simple ecommerce integration, retail sales channels with built-in EDI.

Warehouse Features

Fast and simple stocktakes, bins and locations, stock allocation, shipping solution integration, 3PL integration, order automation. Learn More

Connected Inventory for Electronics and Appliance Brands

Can Cin7 help retailers manage custom builds?

Yes. Cin7 gives you the product, inventory and order management functionality to create custom PC builds. It allows you to track serial numbers for each component, making returns, swaps and warranties easier to manage.

Yes. Cin7 tracks accurate costs, including landed costs for imported products. It integrates seamlessly with accounting solutions, allowing you to upload costs for precise gross profit reporting.

Cin7 can help increase the efficiency and speed of your regular stocktakes. You can also assign products to bins and locations, and allocate stock to ensure you’re holding the right quantity for the right sales channel.