Sell More, Fulfill Expectations

Online: Streamlined

Automate workflows for one or more websites. Keep stock accurate and minimize fulfillment tasks.

Build Your Base

Make Amazon and other online marketplaces a pivotal channel for growing your brand and sales.

Amaze Your Customers

Get a competitive edge. Give shoppers omnichannel options like click and collect and ship from store.

Optimal Stock

Keep your stores replenished and your warehouses stocked with the right amount of inventory.

“It’s a unified solution to a complex problem. It ties in all our channels in one place and it’s pretty user-friendly once you know how to use it.”
Steve Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder, Kyrgies
“With the quick click of a button, you know what you’re sitting on, your stock value, how many units are aged products. We can quickly assess the products that we either need to move or offer on an open to sell list, and all of that is helping us to make better business decisions."
Mel Colman, Director of Finance, Zulu & Zephyr

Features Built For Retail Business

Built-in POS

Batch and serial sales, promotions, gift vouchers, on account payments, branch visibility, click and collect, ship from store, alternate branch pickup. Read more.

Ecommerce integration

Quick and simple setup, automated order downloads and pick requests, order status, multiple websites.

Workflow Automation

Online order downloads, pick requests and notifications, available stock and order status updates, and branch replenishment. Read more.

Other Retail Features

Branch transfers, alternate branch pickups, mobile stocktaking, color-size variation, batch uploading.

The Inventory Solution for Retailers

Can Cin7 be used in many different store locations?

Definitely. Cin7’s built-in POS supports unlimited cash registers, and you can set it up to be used in multiple store locations. Set minimum/maximum inventory rules for replenishing stores from your warehouse, sell a product in one store and let your customer pickup in another branch, and even fulfill online orders from any branch. 

Yes. Cin7 integrates with your accounting solution following a quick and simple admin process. You can sync your online and POS sales in batches, saving you a ton of time, and set up Cin7 to record invoices in designage alternate general ledgers. The Accounting Dashboard lets you sync sales, purchases, credit note and more in a click.

Yes. Cin7 gives retailers actionable insights into operations and sales. You can monitor sales by store location, and many other metrics. And the Inventory Success Quadrant empowers you to determine what inventory you should purchase, what you should phase out, which channels you should use and what price ranges are most effective.