Improve Your Processes, Increase Your Control

Turn Parts to Goods

See your component inventory through your production process.

Plan with Precision

Know how much you can make from your component stock and when to replenish.

Produce to Order

Automatically create and customize production jobs based on sales orders.

Minimize Costs

Track what you actually use to make a product for precise unit costing and to reduce waste.

“The key thing is that we are now very clear about where our inventory items sit...And because it’s in the cloud...we can do our business on the road and still have full visibility no matter where we are.”
Paul Kao, General Manager, Playtech

The Features You Need for Simple Manufacturing

Three-Tiered BOMs

Easily create products from component inventory, and quickly convert BOMs into production jobs.


Generate production jobs based on a specific sales order or production run, on consolidated sales orders or minimum/maximum orders, or on dynamic sales calculations. Learn More

Accurate Costing

Calculate material costs when you create a quote or sales order, track actual costs and profitability for completed sales. Learn More 

Flexible Production

Create product bundles and customized production runs, create production jobs from sales orders, manage production jobs for contract manufacturing.

Solutions for Simple Manufacturing

Is Cin7 more flexible than overly-complex systems?

Manufacturing can get very difficult. Cin7 is designed for companies that need flexible, easy-to-use manufacturing capabilities.

Most systems focus on order management, leaving the manufacturing capabilities to solutions that can be very expensive and far more complex than necessary. Cin7 integrates inventory and order management with production job workflows to give companies a solution that meets their specific manufacturing requirements in a cost-effective solution that’s easier to use than many other systems.