Minimize Costs, Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Scalable Growth

Contain your costs as you sell to more people in more places.

Amazing Customer Experience

Provide real-time stock availability, fulfill orders perfectly.

Effective Inventory Decisions

Optimize stock levels and get the right mix of products, channels and pricing.

Actual Cost Tracking

Track actual costs, not average value, and keep accounts in sync.

“Now we’re at the stage where it’s not very often that somebody orders something and we haven’t got it. It’s an occasional thing now, and that’s very often timing rather than anything else.”
Bernie Slessor, Finance Manager, Tutti Rouge

Features You Need To Hit Your Stride

Multichannel Management

All your websites, marketplaces, stores, pop-ups, B2B channels in one solution. Read more.

Intelligent Tools

Real-time insights, actionable data: hone your inventory strategy, streamline your operations. Read more.

Product Management

Your products, your way: batch and serial control, bundling and BOMs, color-size grid to reduce SKUs, multiple units of measure, and more.  

Accounting Integration

Get clear about your profitability. Sync your accounting software in a single click. 

Smart, Intuitive Inventory Management

Can I use Cin7 if I outsource to a 3PL warehouse?

Of course. Use a 3PL warehouse, a private warehouse, or both: it’s your choice. Cin7 integrates out-of-the-box with a growing list of 3PL retailers around the world. You can also use Cin7 to manage picking, packing and stock levels in your own warehouse. What’s even better, Cin7 automates order processes for streamlined fulfillment from a 3PL or a warehouse you run yourself.

Yes. Cin7 allows you to plan and manage simple production jobs based on component inventory. Use Cin7 to manage bills of material and pan production runs based on pre-orders. Cin7 tells you how much of a product you can manufacture or bundle based on component parts.

Yes it does. Cin7 integrates with Amazon Seller, Amazon Vendor, FBA and Direct Fulfillment, making it flexible to work with Amazon the way you use Amazon now. Cin7 also integrates with other marketplaces including Walmart, eBay, Etsy and JOOR, if you’re a small, established fashion supplier looking for more retail customers.