Minimize Complexity, Expand Your Horizon

Growth, Unhindered

Bridge the technical gaps that slow you down. Sell more to more customers without complication.

All-In-One Solution

Every inventory-related task in a single platform: purchasing, production, sales, fulfillment, stock taking, planning and more.

Keep Products Moving

Fulfill orders quickly, always know when to replenish, and easily transfer stock and route orders between branches.

Highly Configurable

Made for your business: retail, wholesale, online, brick-and-mortar, manufacturing, or any combination.

“It’s just having the information at your fingertips which can be immediately understood and without the need for a bunch of spreadsheets. It simplifies your business, makes it a lot easier to run, and a lot more transparent.”
Gordon Grant, CFO, I Love Ugly

Features For Growing, Mid-Sized Business

Role-Based Dashboards

Easily manage users and define user roles. Give staff access to exactly what they need to do their job.

Workflow Automation

Download orders, send and receive 3PL pick notification/confirmation, fulfill orders from best location and more, automatically.

Retail Features

Built-in POS, branch transfers, batch and serial sales, sales promotions and loyalty programs, click and collect, ecommerce integration and more.

Wholesale Features

Built-in B2B Ecommerce, custom pricing and tiers, quotes, complex promotions, retail integration with built-in EDI and more. 

Manage More Sales, Channels and Locations

Can I use Cin7 to manage inventory in many locations?

Yes. Cin7 is built for multichannel, multi-location businesses. Optimize inventory in any number of branches, stores, warehouses and 3PL warehouses. Use Cin7’s built-in POS in your stores, easily track stock movements from branch to branch, and set rules to automatically fulfill online orders in the branch closest to your customer.

No. Most of Cin7’s out-of-the-box features and ecommerce, marketplace, accounting and other integrations can be set up quickly with minimal admin requirements. Cin7’s EDI integrations and some built-in features require testing or additional administration tasks.

Not at all. Cin7’s retail integrations include built-in EDI. When you become a supplier to Walmart, Amazon Vendor, or any retailer that requires EDI, we got you covered. Our EDI dashboard makes tracking orders simple: automate order processes, manage complex orders and cartons, send and receive notifications and more without the need for third-party software or portals.