Expansive Visibility And Control

More Regions, More Markets

Minimize complexity as you extend your supply chain around the world.

Diverse Customer Base

Get empowered to manage inventory and orders as you sell to more consumers and other businesses.

Agile Fulfillment

Keep pace with order volume, and easily manage fulfillment from your warehouse, 3PLs or stores.

Actionable Insights

Intelligent tools let you quickly address supply chain bottlenecks and fine-tune inventory planning.

“Our previous system couldn’t provide the tools we needed to efficiently manage our supply chain. With Cin7, we can quickly identify our needs and produce purchase orders using the Smart Buyer tool and have the PO sent directly from the system. The detailed communication log Cin7 keeps allows us to efficiently track the order and follow up as needed without hunting down paperwork from half a dozen different locations.”
Matthew Kessenich, Director of Finance, The Spice and Tea Exchange

Features Built For Enterprise

3PL Integration

Real-time visibility, order automation, pick notification and confirmation, built-in EDI and cartonization. 

Multichannel, Multilocation

Automated ecommerce workflows, built-in POS, click and collect, easy branch routing and replenishment alerts.

Role-Based Dashboards

Manage users and define their roles. Give retail, warehouse, sales and finance staff access to the right tools for their job.

Enterprise Visibility

Mission-critical data at your finger-tips. Real-time operations and sales data, extensive reports, accurate costing and gross profits.

Intelligent, Global, Connected Inventory Management

Can Cin7 handle complex workflows?

Yes. Cin7 can be configured to handle workflows specific to large-scale businesses. Cin7 automates many workflows out of the box, reducing or eliminating redundant admin tasks, third-party software, spreadsheets and unconnected software. 

Yes. Cin7 has unique features built for buying and selling in different markets. Set your base currency, track any number of currencies in which you trade, and automatically convert dollar amounts. Cin7 also includes freight and import duties in cost calculation, and it tracks state, local and national sales taxes, too.

No. Cin7’s retail integrations include built-in EDI. When you become a supplier to Walmart, Amazon Vendor, or any retailer that requires EDI, we got you covered. Our EDI dashboard makes tracking orders simple: automate order processes, manage complex orders and cartons, send and receive notifications and more without the need for third-party software or portals.