Warehouse Management

Rich product information management

Mobile Pick’n’Pack

Pick orders as soon as they enter the system. Pick one or many orders at one time. It also works with mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners. Receipt in purchase orders and allocate stock to bins.

Accurate landed costs, meaning accurate gross profit report

Unlimited branches and warehouses

Creating branches, warehouses and retail stores is as easy as creating a new contact.

Processing sales over multiple channels all with realtime syncing of stock

Zones and bins

Assign Zones and Bins to products whilst receipting in purchase orders in the Pick’n’Pack. Products can be stored in up to 2 locations.

Multiple branches tracking of stock

Custom (faulty, quarantine, reserved, in transit) stock status

Stock can be easily placed in a holding status with ease. This will reserve the stock during a transition or flag stock as a particular status.

Smart buying and reordering

Consignment branches

Create consignment branches to keep track of consignment stock you are sending outside your own branches.

Serial and batch tracking

Sell from distribution center stock

Select another branch with stock in a showroom situation or if a particular branch does not have sufficient stock. No complicated branch transfers.


Barcode printing

Print barcodes directly from purchase orders or a batch of products.

Custom fields

Tablet stocktake

More Features

  • Credit Notes
  • Backorders
  • Holding stock groups
  • Supplier consignment stock
  • Supplier Credit Notes
  • Branch transfers
  • Customizable documents
  • Customizable search filters
  • Basic CRM features
  • Quotes
  • Customizable email templates
  • Batch actions
  • Product Management
  • Pre-orders
  • Customer consignment stock
  • Custom fields