DSL Logistics

Benefits of built-in direct 3PL with DSL Logistics

Cin7 offers direct integration with this Logistics (http://dsl3pl.com), a New Zealand-based 3pl  provider with warehouses in Auckland and expertise in customs, freight, and garment handling. Key benefits of built-in direct 3PL with the Logistics:

  • A single interface to reduce data entry and errors.
  • Automatically send orders to DSL as if they were your own warehouse.
  • Direct means purpose-built, allowing full control of how Cin7 interacts with DSL, based on events.

How does DSL Logistics integration work?

Cin7 integrates in the following way:

  • Sales Orders—Send sales orders to be fulfilled by DSL Logistics.
  • Pick Notifications—Recieve a summary of what DHL actually picked per order.

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DSL Logistics 3PL Integration

DSL Logistics 3PL IntegrationVisit the DSL Logistics website
  • Cin7 + 3PL Summary
  • All-in-one cloud-based inventory solution.
  • Direct, built-in 3PL connectivity.
  • Maintain inventory control when you outsource to 3PLs.
  • Connect in minutes
  • Purpose-built to streamline and automate order processing.
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