Salesforce is a multi-featured cloud-based sales and marketing solution for businesses ranging in size from the SMB to the enterprise. Salesforce offers in-depth customer relationship management (CRM), highly automated sales functionality, data analytics and more.

How Salesforce Integrates with Cin7

Win over prospects and keep your inventory up-to-date as you convert leads to sales through Salesforce. When you integrate your Salesforce account with Cin7, you can:

  • Provide customers up-to-the-second pricing and product information for quotes and stock availability.
  • Add contacts to your Cin7 CRM module when you provide a quote to a potential customer in Salesforce and show a quote as a sales order in Cin7 when your customer accepts a quote.
  • Synchronize status orders in Salesforce and Cin7 with dispatch dates and tracking codes.

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integrationVisit the Salesforce website
  • Why Cin7 + Salesforce
  • Sell confidently with pinpoint-accurate product information and pricing.
  • Build-up your Cin7 CRM with every Salesforce for more accurate sales reporting.
  • Connect Cin7 to Salesforce in no time.
  • Purpose-built to streamline sales with accurate inventory reporting.
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