Toys R Us

Toys R Us is a US-based toy and juvenile products retailer with eCommerce and physical store sales channels.

How Cin7 Integrates with Toys R Us with EDI

In order to begin trading with Toys R Us, a supplier must be able to transmit and receive documents electronically, conforming to the company’s x12 EDI standards. Cin7 is fully compliant to send and/or receive the following transaction documents:

  • 810 Invoice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 856 Advanced Shipping Notice/Dispatch Advice
  • 860 Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated

Why Cin7 with Built-in EDI Makes Sense

Don’t waste time and money setting up an EDI connection with a third-party EDI software provider. Let Cin7 reduce your connection and maintenance costs when you become a Toys R Us supplier. Cin7 not only serves as your EDI/VAN, but built-in integration with your inventory management solution eliminates the need for redundant, time-consuming data entry. Here is how Cin7’s direct EDI with Toys R Us helps you:

 One system to process orders, invoices, and other EDI transactions required to trade with this major retailer.
 Direct means purpose built, allowing full control of how Cin7 interacts based on events.
 Streamline and automate processes through greater flexibility.

Toys R Us EDI Integration

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  • Cin7 + EDI Summary
  • No excess startup costs
  • Competitive monthly rates
  • Automatic EDI translation
  • Get EDI quickly
  • Streamlined and automated to eliminate redundant administration
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