Target Australia EDI Compliance & EDI Services

One of Australia’s largest department store chains selling clothes, cosmetics, toys, homewares, electronics, and more.

How Cin7 Integrates with Target Australia

In order to begin trading with Target, a supplier must be ready to send and receive transaction documents electronically, conforming to the company’s EDIFACT EDI standards. Cin7 is fully compliant to send and/or receive the following transaction documents:

  • ORDERS – Receive purchase orders directly in Cin7.
  • DESADV – Send advanced shipping notices right from Cin7.
  • CONTRL – Send and receive acknowledgments of sent documents.

The Benefits of Inventory with EDI

When you integrate Target Australia with Cin7’s all-in-one cloud inventory, POS, and 3PL solution, you get:

  • Greater stock visibility. Cin7 automatically adjusts available stock, in real-time, with every order.
  • Better inventory control. Cin7 adjusts stock immediately to prevent overselling.
  • More efficient operations. Create purchase orders and other transaction documents in one interface.

Target Australia EDI Integration

Target Australia EDI IntegrationVisit the Target Australia website
  • Cin7 + EDI Summary
  • All-in-one supply chain solution with baked-in EDI
  • Purpose-built for faster, easier, more cost-effective EDI integration
  • Automatic EDI translation streamlines transaction processing
  • Competitive monthly rates
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