Amazon Vendor

Amazon Vendor is Amazon’s invitation-only supplier channel. Amazon Vendors do not sell directly to customers, as Sellers do, but to Amazon, which warehouses the products, sells them through Amazon Marketplaces and dispatches orders from Amazon fulfillment centers.

Don’t Pay the Price for Getting Amazon Orders Wrong

Amazon, like all retailers, expects suppliers to follow their rules for fulfilling orders. As an Amazon Vendor, you can’t afford to make mistakes. If you respond to a PO too late, mislabel a shipment, or miss a delivery window (among other things), Amazon will penalize you. These “chargebacks” don’t just eat at your bottom line, they harm your partnership with Amazon.

Use Cin7 For Reliable, Consistent and Automated Fulfillment

Cin7 is the only inventory management solution that gives Amazon Vendors what they need to fulfill orders without fear of chargebacks. Cin7 automates order processing, picking and dispatching. Cin7 sends and receives all the electronic documents Amazon requires of its vendors. With Cin7, vendors can communicate with Amazon and fulfill Amazon orders accurately, on time, and to the letter.

Use Cin7 and Meet Amazon Vendor Compliance

Amazon, like other big retailers, requires vendors to use the EDI protocol to send and receive transaction and communication documents. Cin7’s Amazon Vendor integration is fully-compliant to send and receive transaction documents electronically, conforming to Amazon’s x12 EDI standards. With Cin7, you can send and receive the following documents:

  • 810 Invoice—Cin7 generates invoices to Amazon for dispatched items.
  • 850 Purchase Order—Cin7 translates purchase orders as individual sales orders in Cin7.
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement—Cin7 confirmation to Amazon Vendor if the purchase order is fully accepted or rejected.
  • 856 Advanced Shipping Notice—Cin7 translates ASNs into EDI format and sends to Amazon to expect delivery of order.
  • SSCC Labels—Cin7 generates SSCC numbers and labels to go with Amazon shipments.

Use Cin7 and Eliminate the EDI Middleman

Vendors usually pay EDI providers to build, test, and maintain the software they need to communicate with retailers. Such solutions cost thousands of dollars to set up, along with monthly maintenance and usage fees, without any native integration to your core business software.

With Cin7’s Amazon Vendor integration, you can get up and running faster and at a lower cost than you’ll find from an EDI provider. Crucially, your connection to Amazon will be automatically integrated with your inventory management solution.

With Cin7’s Amazon Vendor integration, you can:

Reduce admin costs with one system to process orders, invoices, and other EDI transactions required to trade with this retailer.
Streamline and automate sales processes.
Eliminate the EDI/VAN middleman and get single vendor support.
Enjoy greater stock control as Cin7 automatically updates stock for every Amazon order.

Amazon EDI

  • Cin7 EDI Summary
  • No setup cost.
  • Competitive monthly rates.
  • All-in-one cloud-based supply chain solution.
  • Direct in-built EDI translation.
  • Purpose-built to streamline and automate Cin7 processes.
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