GMDH Streamline

GMDH Streamline is a demand planning and inventory management solution that allows businesses to maximize return on their capital investment with inventory optimization. It uses forecasting to recommend the right purchase orders at the right time to avoid shortages and excess inventory. Streamline will save you time by placing POs directly from Cin7.

The benefits of integrating Streamline with Cin7

When you integrate GMDH Streamline with Cin7, you can upload your sales data in a click and download recommended purchase orders back to Cin7.
Align supply with future demand
Streamline generates replenishment proposals and purchase plans based on a demand forecast using a periodic or min/max strategy. Import purchase plans to Cin7 as automatically created purchase orders.
Ensure optimal use of capital
Streamline helps prevent stockouts and overstock. It calculates safety stock based on desired service level (per SKU or per company), forecast error, and lead-time variability; and highlights low/excess inventory and exceptions such as potential stockouts.
Analyze your profitability 
Understand your inventory turns and margins and invest in the SKUs that bring the highest net profit.


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  • Why Streamline
  • Easy, two-way integration
  • Improved inventory planning
  • Automate purchase orders
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