eBay Inventory Management

Connect to more customers when you sell through one of the most prominent online marketplaces around. eBay gives B2C and B2B companies a marketplace that reaches 169 million potential customers around the globe.

How eBay integrates with Cin7

When you integrate your eBay sales channel with Cin7, you can:

  • Let your customers know exactly what stock is available so you’ll never make a promise you can’t keep.
  • Keep your stock levels and sales up-to-date in Cin7 with every sale you make on eBay.
  • Get better insight to your customers as you build up your Cin7 CRM with more and more details about your eBay customers.

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Why Cin7 + eBay

  • Synchronize products and orders.
  • Keep track of your sales and stock levels.
  • Use eBay for b2b or b2c sales.
  • Connect your eBay account to Cin7 in a flash.
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