Cin7 Pick’n’Pack

Use Cin7 ‘s built-in Pick’n’Pack App to manage inventory in the storeroom or warehouse on-the-fly from a smartphone or any device.

Pick’n’Pack for the Warehouse

Keep on top of stock wherever you store it, without the need for tons of spreadsheets or redundant data entry. With Cin7’s Pick’n’Pack app, all you need is a smartphone, tablet or other device and an internet connection to:

  • Synchronize stock counts and stock count adjustments in your warehouse, storeroom and retail locations.
  • Conduct more efficient, less time-consuming initial and regular stock takes without the need for spreadsheets or redundant data entry.
  • Allow multiple staff to conduct simultaneous stocktakes for fast, efficient and accurate stock takes.
  • Quickly and easily dispatch single or multiple picks or branch transfers and automatically adjust stock on hand and holding stock.
  • Guide you through the steps to pick and dispatch items, making the Pick’n’Pack App user-friendly.
  • Optimize stocktakes for batch or serial number scanning.

Cin7 Pick’n’Pack

Cin7 Pick'n'Pack
  • Cin7 + Your Warehouse
  • Make warehouse and storeroom stock management more efficient.
  • All-in-one cloud-based inventory solution.
  • Purpose-built to streamline and automate Cin7 processes.
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