Cin7 Inventory Management and QuickBooks Enterprise

Combine integrated, real-time inventory management with your QuickBooks Enterprise investment and set the stage for scalable growth

The benefits of Cin7 with QuickBooks Enterprise

Get the best of both worlds using on-premise accounting software with cloud-based inventory management. Cin7 gives QuickBooks Enterprise customers real-time visibility, order automation and integrations to keep orders in line with stock no matter where they sell or hold products.

  • inventory management


    Quickly add Shopify, Amazon, Google Shopping and every other channel, 3PL and service you use to grow your business.

  • Shopify Inventory Management


    Export purchases, sales, credit notes, COGS and more to QuickBooks Enterprise with just a few clicks.

  • point of sale


    Track COGS for precise gross profit reporting, and factor-in exchange rates and freight for accurate landed costs.

  • wholesale B2B


    Minimize administration tasks, and automate up to 80% of order and fulfilment processes.

  • accounting


    Export daily eCommerce payments and POS sales in batches for easy, efficient reconciliation.

  • Customer Support


    Buy and sell products in various currencies with live exchange-rates.

Even more reasons to use Cin7 for inventory management

  • inventory management

    Built for multi-channel, multi-market and multi-entity businesses.

  • point of sale

    Integrations and built-in production, retail POS, B2B eCommerce and warehouse modules make Cin7 flexible to suit your business.

  • wholesale B2B

    With Cin7 and QuickBooks Enterprise Inventory Management¬†system, you’ll also have access to other Cin7 features that build your business.