Furniture and Showrooms

Furniture and showrooms retailers love Cin7 as our enterprise class Inventory and POS solution offers all the features they need to run their daily businesses

Rich product information management

Set products to be picked-up or delivered from your distribution centre

In many cases, a store may not have the stock available for a customer order. With the Cin7 POS you can easily select the branch to fulfil items that that are not available. The fulfilment branch is notified without the need for a branch transfer.

Accurate landed costs, meaning accurate gross profit report

Modify product bill of materials and options in the sales order

With furniture and many showroom products what you see is only an example of what you can get. Usually the final product has a number of custom options specified by the customer. Cin7 enables you to build the product options in the sales order. The sales order effectively becomes a production job.

Processing sales over multiple channels all with realtime syncing of stock

Update actual materials and components usage

Each job has a custom set of components that can have the actual materials applied to accurately keep track of stock and how profitable a job has been.

Multiple branches tracking of stock

Cin7 Smart Buyer makes it easy to create purchase orders

When a job is loaded into the system a set of components can be laid out by the supplier to easily create purchase orders for all the components required to complete each sales order.

Smart buying and reordering

Rich text formatting options to separate key options

Each quote or sales order can be nicely presented with Cin7’s many formatting options. Formatting options allow you to sort products, assign headers, breaks and set lines to be bold or indented.

Here’s what our customers say about us


“[Cin7] streamlines the lead-to-customer process, the CRM-to-quote, to sales order, and to account setup. All being in one system really is much much faster than relying on a support CRM back-end tool”

Brendan McCarthy

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