Flooring is one of Cin7’s favorite industries. Our enterprise class inventory and POS software is tailored to meet the demands of flooring retailers.

Rich product information management

Sell and purchase in alternative units

Cin7 allows you to sell and purchase in alternative units of measure. You may purchase in cartons and sell in individual units. Cin7 provides the flexibility for you to do this.

Accurate landed costs, meaning accurate gross profit report


Easy to setup POS, all you need is a Google chrome browser device and you can start selling. Designed to sell batches of flooring stock in alternative units of measure like units or cartons

Processing sales over multiple channels all with realtime syncing of stock

Floor sales & warehouse fulfilment

Cin7 has different mobile modules for different areas of a flooring business. Selling via the POS, will allow the warehouse staff to pick up and fulfil using Cin7’s Real-Time Stock module. This will sync inventory all in one seamless solution.

Multiple branches tracking of stock

Batch tracking

As no two batches of flooring stock are the same, Cin7 allows you to manage inventory and sell by batch numbers or codes. See exactly how much stock you have a particular batch using Cin7 smart reports.

Smart buying and reordering

Nicely formatted quotes

Each quote or sales order can be nicely presented with Cin7’s many formatting options. Formatting options allow you to sort products, assign headers, breaks and set lines to be bold or indented.

Smart buying and reordering

Mobile Pick’n’Pack Warehouse System

Pick orders as soon as they enter the system. Pick one or many orders at one time. It also works with mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners. Receipt in purchase orders and allocate stock to bins.