Minimise overstocking and costs with flooring Inventory Management

Get a competitive advantage and profit more with Inventory Management systems designed for flooring retailers.
Track your inventory, create quotes and process sales in real-time with Cin7’s flooring Inventory and POS software.

Features for tracking flooring inventory and sales

Generic Inventory software doesn’t go far enough to accommodate the needs of flooring companies. Cin7 was made to address the needs of the flooring industry and fill gaps left by other Inventory Management software.

  • inventory management

    Buy & sell in different units

    Buy and sell in different units of measure. You can buy stock by the roll or carton, and sell per square metre. Cin7 makes this simple.

  • point of sale

    Sell your way

    Cin7’s easy to use POS works on any hardware (iOS, Android, Windows or Mac) and provides your sales team with real-time inventory updates.

  • wholesale B2B

    Accurate, real-time Inventory

    Real-time updates to inventory across multiple stores and warehouses ensures you’re always seeing accurate stock levels.

  • icon-warehouse

    Track & sell by batches

    Use batch numbers to track your inventory and make sales. In-depth reports track stock levels based on batch number so you’ve got detailed stock data.

  • icon-warehouse

    Personalise your quotes

    Create attractive quotes that are simple for customers to interpret and accept. Include images, breaks, headings, bold or indented items in your quotes.

  • icon-warehouse

    Speed up distribution

    Don’t keep your customers waiting. Cin7 instantly pushed sales orders through to your warehouses so orders are distributed faster.

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Purchase stock in square meters or cartons and sell as individual units.

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Batch tracking & allowances of track stock in one unit and selling in another.

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Cin7 maps essential information to QuickBooks Online, including revenue GL accounts & custom tax rates.


See what our flooring customers say about us


“Finally a great product with even better support; Cin7 Is the perfect tool for almost all businesses due to its ease of use. This inventory management system not only includes a Contact manager, but can help with production needs as well. Thank you again for all the help!”

Sandra Katan

Cin7 is built to manage flooring inventory

The flooring industry has specific stock control needs. Cin7 is designed to answer those needs while linking to QuickBooks or Xero Accounting Packages, saving you more time and money.

Take control of your processes with real time control over your inventory and sales processes, backed by powerful reporting. Try a free demo of Cin7 to see how it works for yourself, or book a chat with us and we’ll show you how Cin7 can benefit your business.