As a Xero user, are you making the most of your inventory?
Cin7 has built an all-in-one product for growing your business.

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5 Key Electronics Features

Cin7 automatically updates Xero, with latest purchases, sales and inventory values, while giving you clear landed costs and gross profit reports.

  • inventory management

    Serial and Batch Number Tracking

    Tracking electronic and appliance goods using serials and batch numbers, is critical for warranties and trace-ability.

  • point of sale

    Returns management

    Easily transfer products from past sales orders, to credit notes and supplier credit notes, if required.

  • wholesale B2B

    Behind the counter and floor sales

    Cin7’s POS system works on both desktop computers and tablets. Floor sales can simply be created and completed by the cashier.

  • icon-warehouse

    Sell from a retail store, pickup from a warehouse

    Sell an item which is not available in-store and fulfill the order from the warehouse, without having to do a branch transfer.

  • accounting

    Open to Sell – Know what stock is available to sell

    It’s common to sell stock, while its still incoming. Use Cin7’s open to sell feature, to see what’s incoming, when and what’s already pre-sold.

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Track who a particular serial number was purchased from and sold

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Efficiently manage stock through selling from one branch & reducing stock from another.


We will let our electronics clients do the talking!


“Cin7 has made it easy for us to process thousands of orders a month and keep track of tens of thousands of serial numbers. We would never have achieved this level of efficiency if we had stuck with our previous inventory/accounting system.”

Paul Kao


“The production systems and inventory control are a great fit for our business, and allow us to accurately control product assembly and logistics. Cin7 is a great tool for our electronics manufacturing business.”

Guy Reynolds

Why Cin7?

Why have several different accounts to manage your inventory and supply chain?
With Cin7, your entire inventory arsenal is in one place. Cin7 takes care of your whole inventory and supply chain, across all channels. Allowing you to focus on growing your business. Because everything is integrated, each module goes further.


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