Electronics & Appliances

Our enterprise-class inventory and POS is tailored to fit the needs of Electronics & Appliances businesses.

Rich product information management

Serial and Batch Number Tracking

With electronics goods and appliances, the tracking of serial and batch numbers is critical for warranty and trackability purposes.

Accurate landed costs, meaning accurate gross profit report

Returns management

Easily transfer products from past sales orders to Credit Notes. Products in Credit Notes can be easily transfered to a Supplier Return. All transactions are linked to ensure the warranty trail is clear for any future warranty clains.

Processing sales over multiple channels all with realtime syncing of stock

Behind the counter and floor sales

Cin7’s POS works on both Desktop computers and tablets. Floor sales can be created and completed at the Cashier. Sales reps can be assigned easily.

Multiple branches tracking of stock

Set products to be picked-up or delivered from your distribution center

When a job is loaded into the system a set of components can be laid out by supplier to easily create purchase orders for all the components required to complete each sales order.


Custom (faulty, quaratine, reserved, intransit) stock status

Stock can be easily placed in a holding status with ease. This will reserve the stock during a transition or flag stock as a particular status.