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How Cin7 works for retailers

Cin7 sits in the middle of your retail processes to automate and simplify your omnichannel sales processes

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Sync your sales channels in real-time

Evermore demanding customers expect product to be in stock when they order it. That’s why your inventory system needs to connect multiple sales channels and sync information in real-time. Whatever channels your business uses, your stock data is always accurate with Cin7.

Diagram showing how cin7 works for retail by sharing data in real-time between POS, ecommerce and warehouses.
Cin7 helps retailers track stock across multiple entities

Multiple branches, one pool of stock

Make selling across multiple channels and stores easy. Cin7 lets you view inventory as a single pool of stock, which can be sold online or from any branch.

Cin7 creates accurate retail processes by working in real-time

Operate in real-time

If your stock doesn’t update in real-time, you’ll be at risk of overselling, which leads to unhappy customers. Cin7 prevents this by maintaining your stock levels over multiple channels, increasing customer satisfaction and giving a seamless experience.

Don’t let stock on hand be the deal breaker

An effective POS system does more than just accept payments. Cin7 makes it easier to check stock and backordered stock in other branches and warehouses. Even when you have zero stock on hand, creating purchase orders is a one click process.

Cin7's retail processes make managing pre-sales and stock ordering an easier process.

Make sales when stock is in another store

It’s easy for retailers to sell stock from the shelf, but selling stock available in another branch requires many processes.

Select a distribution branch when creating a sales order in Cin7 — so you can send the order to the selected branch for dispatch, saving your time and speeding up fulfilment.

Screenshot showing how you no longer need multiple processes to check and sell stock from other stores

Sell backordered stock

Cin7’s Open to Sell feature gives you the power to check incoming stock directly from your POS. Even better — Cin7 lets you know if anything is already allocated and what’s available for you to sell so you have the confidence to make the sale on the spot.

Once the stock arrives, the pick request is fulfilled by warehouse staff.

A smarter way to purchase stock

If you don’t have any stock on hand or in transit, the next step is to purchase some.

Cin7’s Smart Buyer feature speeds this up. Purchase orders can be based off sales orders and created at a click of a button, streamlining your ordering process and reducing manual data entry.

Create purchase orders for your retail store directly from orders, pre-orders and sales reports
Upgrade your retail process by using multiple fulfiment options for a true omnichannel experience

Let customers choose how they receive their order

Since customers can choose where they buy from, it makes sense to let them choose how they receive their order too.

Cin7 allows you to sell directly from your distribution centre or another branch, with one simple process for stock transfers. Cin7 also allows customers to choose their preferred shipping option, then updates them on order progress.

Designer shoe brand Taller better equips itself for large-scale growth with Cin7

Cin7 enabled faster payment processing, better stock level management and greater store scalability

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