Simple stock management across your franchise or multiple entities

Reduce data entry, manage stock easily and improve corporate communication. If you run a franchise model or have sister companies, using Cin7 to manage each entity simplifies your processes.

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How Cin7 works for:

Head office

Create and control master product and pricing lists

Create, remove and alter a master product list that is accessible by all sister companies and franchisees. Cin7 allows you to allocate specific pricing to franchisees or groups.

Seamlessly share with other Cin7 accounts

Once you’ve built your master lists, you can share these with other Cin7 accounts. This means data is consistent across all entities, allowing for faster selling and reordering.

Say goodbye to data entry, and manual order taking

All purchase orders created by your franchisees are sent to you and inserted into your Cin7 account as sales orders, at the click of a button.


Get setup effortlessly

Create your new account and pull all your product data from the head office master list. Now you’re ready to start making sales!

Know what stock is on hand at HQ

Need stock now? The ability to check stock on hand at the head office allows you to estimate stock arrival times with a greater level of accuracy – keeping your customers happy.

Create a purchase order on the spot

After you’ve checked your stock levels, you can create a purchase order that automatically sends to head office. This speeds up processes and eliminates data entry errors.


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