Outsource your warehousing with our 3PL integrations

Cin7 integrates directly with 3PL (third party logistics) providers, giving you a low risk way to quickly and easily scale your business globally

Direct 3PL Integration connects your Inventory with your 3PL stock so that you can expand internationally

Cost-effective, low-risk scalability

Opening your own warehouse in another country can be a huge expense and risk.

Take advantage of opportunities overseas without unnecessary risk. Rather than signing warehouse leases and hiring staff overseas, connect your inventory to one of our 3PL providers. Your stock is stored in their warehouse and their staff pick, pack and ship your orders as they come in.

Control and coordinate your logistics

Direct integrations with major 3PL providers, means you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars building custom connections.

You get the same level of stock transparency as if you’re running your own warehouse, without the costs or risks.

Directly Integrating with you 3PL prvides greater control over your logistics
Diagram showing how direct 3PL allows Cin7 to control how data flows and allow for additional EDI connections

Use Cin7 as a hub to connect to 3PL providers and big retailers

Combine your chosen 3PL provider with Cin7’s built-in Direct EDI (electronic data interchange). This means you can integrate into big retailers and fulfil orders from your 3PL provider. The result is a reliable system, that requires little investment to set up.

Connect your Inventory to your 3PL

No one does 3PL integration like Cin7. We fully connect with your 3PL provider so you get real-time stock updates and stock status reports. With direct 3PL integration, you’ll have more control over your sales channels and order fulfilment. You can even automatically backorder items.

Third Party Logistics Integrations via Cin7 link with your Inventory and Sales channels
Logos of 3PL providers Cin7 integrates with directly

Use our 3PL providers or we’ll consider integrating with yours

We have a selection of providers with whom we do 3PL integration with but we’re always looking to integrate with more. Let us know if you have a particular 3PL provider in mind.

View our 3PL partners

Slash manual data entry

Data flows between your 3PL providers, inventory, POS and eCommerce, meaning less manual data entry which saves you time and money.

If you’ve sent orders to your 3PL provider and what’s been shipped doesn’t match, Cin7 automatically backorders stock that’s been short shipped.

Keyboard striked out because Integration reduces data entry by automating processes between systems
Graph that shows potential business growth with Direct 3PL

Be prepared for the future

Setting up software takes time and resource. Is this something you can commit resources to annually?

Business growth is difficult to manage. Cin7’s direct 3PL integrations are quick and easy to set up. Migrating systems or investing in costly integration projects to grow your business is unnecessary. Cin7 is designed with your business’ future in mind.

More 3PL Integration Features

  • Order integration
  • Pick confirmations

  • Connect in minutes
  • Auto backordering

  • Notification alerts
  • EDI compatibility