Online point of sale (POS) software

No need to check multiple systems. No branch transfer requests. Happier customers. With Cin7’s online retail POS system, simply sell more to your customers. 

Combined POS and Inventory helps grow your business

Do more than just sell. With Cin7 you can assess your inventory from within your POS software. Our inventory POS system gives your staff the tools to deliver a great customer experience.

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Things are better with POS and Inventory together

Combining your POS and Inventory lets you track incoming stock, generate accurate cost of goods sold and sell directly from your warehouse. See how easy Cin7’s retail point of sale software is to use.

Cin7's tablet POS software is linked to a built-in inventory system

Sell and fulfil quickly, even when you’re out of stock

Traditionally, not having an item in store would make selling time consuming for sales staff. Cin7 can eliminate 50% of the processes involved when selling and fulfilling orders from your warehouse. Your sales representatives will also have the confidence to sell transit stock.

No need to check multiple systems. No branch transfer requests. Happier customers.

A diagram about how combined POS software and Inventory simplify complex retail scenarios

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Retail assistant using Cin7 Cloud Point of Sale Software in a store

Reliable Cloud POS software

Cloud-based POS works online and offline. Keep transacting even when your internet connection fails.

Designed for the real world

Cin7 retail POS software is simple and easy for staff to learn and use. . Transact in-store, on the go or from a popup store.

Works with a wide variety of hardware

Whether tablet, PC, iPad or Mac, Cin7 POS works on a wide range of devices. Cin7 also connects with:

  • Barcode scanners
  • Receipt printers
  • Payment systems and cash draws

A complete POS system showing Cin7's Desktop and Tablet Cloud POS

Sell, reward and power up your promotions

POS with a powerful promotions engine tho handle complex promotions

Handle advanced promotions

Easily create complex promotions such as “buy two get one free” or “buy two for $30”

Sell vouchers and gift cards using your Point of Sale software

Gift vouchers and promotional codes

Create, generate and sell vouchers or set up promotional codes directly from Cin7

Run loyalty programs from your POS system

Keep customers wanting more

Reward your best customers by creating a Loyalty Points System that automatically gifts them

Manage cash and
on-account sales

Tiered pricing for both wholesale and trade customers at the POS means you can process account sales, while still having a separate retail price.

Cin7 POS allows you to have trade and retail pricing for different customer groups
Selling in a furniture showroom won't stop Cin7 POS from updating stock levels in real-time

Real-time tracking from your POS

As long as you’re online, your stock on hand will be updated in real-time. Whether your sales are processed at the counter, from a tablet, on the sales floor or by reps on the road, you always have accurate stock levels.

More Cloud Point of Sale (POS) Features

  • Laybys
  • Returns & credits
  • Branch transfers
  • Quotes
  • Product quick tabs

  • Sell & pickup options
  • Gift vouchers
  • Unlimited cash registers
  • Batch sales by payment
  • On account option

  • Batch & serial selling
  • Sell in different units
  • Sell kits & configurable products
  • Alternative tax rate support