One cloud solution unifying your Stock, POS, EDI and 3PL

Cin7 Stock Management System is packed with features, which help you manage your business effectively while saving your time for the work that actually matters.

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Accurate Stock Management is essential

Whether you’re in retail or wholesale, managing stock levels is one of your biggest expenses. Can you afford not to manage it effectively?

Stock management software helps you understand cost of goods sold and stock movement. You can strategically order stock to keep up with demand without overstocking.

Cin7's POS Features connect your point of sale with your Inventory

POS software that does more than process orders

Your POS is more than just a cash register. Connected with stock control it’s an essential software that assists your sales team.

From quickly entering sales orders and quotes, to handling promotions and checking stock. Cin7 POS expands the power of your front line staff, so they can provide better service for your customers.

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Connect your warehouse to your sales channels

If it’s difficult to check and sell warehouse stock directly, you’re creating unnecessary challenges.

Connecting your warehouse to your sales channels allows for faster, accurate fulfilment of orders so that your customers stay loyal.

Warehouse Management software
Cin7's Pick 'n' Pack app is a feature that connects sales and fulfilment to speed up processes

Cin7 features your own B2B eCommerce website so your doors are open to B2B customers 24/7

Join the B2B eCommerce market

The B2B eCommerce market is set to outgrow B2C eCommerce, is your business ready for this?

Start your B2B eCommerce store quickly and easily with Cin7. Pricing, products and stock levels are linked to your inventory so they are always up to date. So your doors are open to wholesale customers 24/7.

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Create all your reports in one place

In order to see the bigger picture you need the right information in the right place.

Centralise your reporting and make it easy to mine your data. Whether you’re forecasting, tracking sales people or reporting on pre-sales, Cin7 keeps all your data in one easy-to-access place.

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Cin7's reporting features bring all your reports into one central, easily accessible location

Connect with a world of opportunity

Start trading with larger retailers and suppliers

Tapping into a larger retailers’ customer base is a fast and cheap way to grow your business.

Many large retailers order via EDI. Cin7 provides direct EDI connections so that you can easily start selling to larger businesses. All you need to do is build the relationship.

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Graph showing how Direct EDI can help grow your business
Use Cin7's built-in 3PL to reduce the risks when expanding your business

Low risk global expansion with third party logistics

Getting on the ground to sell globally is risky and expensive. Third party logistics reduces the risk so you can start dreaming bigger.

Speed up fulfilment and reduce shipping costs. 3PL gives you a scalable warehouse solution, that’s close to your customer base. Without leases or staff to pay.

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