How Cin7 Primes Your Pipeline with Salesforce Integration

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Among cloud companies, Salesforce enjoys near rock star status. Last month, it drew 175,000 attendees to its annual Dreamforce event. Later, it announced yet one more high-growth quarter, projecting annual revenue to top $10 billion this fiscal year. So what is it about Salesforce that won the hearts of more than 150,000 customers? It’s a smart, connected CRM platform that drives growth. And with Cin7’s Salesforce integration, it gets even better.

Salesforce Integration for Smarter Conversion

At its heart, Salesforce is a platform that leverages vast amounts of your data to get the most out of your customer relationships. In other words, it uses the information you collect about prospects and existing customers to help you sell more. Thus, the more information you can feed Salesforce, the happier you and your customers will be. With Cin7’s Salesforce Integration, you can give your prospects and customers the most up to date information about your products.

What Salesforce Can Do

Salesforce combines cloud computing, big data and AI in a platform for managing business development. While it offers a variety of products, Salesforce lets you manage contacts, business opportunities, and quotes. Moreover, its AI product, Einstein, helps makes sense of vasts amount of data you collect from all your customer touch-points.

What Cin7’s Salesforce Integration Does

Cin7’s Salesforce Integration brings two business-critical solutions together for a more effective sales pipeline. Using Cin7 with Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Performance Edition or Unlimited Edition, you give your customers and prospects the most accurate, up-to-the-second information about what you sell. The integration not only synchronizes product, pricing and stock quantity data with Salesforce. It also turns opportunities and quotes accepted in Salesforce into sales orders for efficient fulfillment in Cin7. Moreover, Cin7 keeps its internal customer information up to date as you import new quotes from Salesforce.

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