When Retail Success Hinges on Technology

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Maybe it’s selection bias, but everywhere we look, we see technology driving retail success. Yes, technology here is used in its broadest sense. But whether we’re talking about interactive mirrors or automated purchase pick up systems, brick-and-mortars are successfully facing the omnichannel challenge with technology.

Retail Success: Omnichannel and Customer Experience

Big box retailers have learned their lesson. They invest in technology to improve customer experience and, more than that, to enable the omnichannel. After all, these were the retailers hit hardest by the pressures of Amazon in that old “retail apocalypse.” For big brick-and-mortars, that meant changing their model to meet emerging customer expectations.

Digitally Driven Retail Success

Nordstrom’s omnichannel efforts have resulted in strong sales. Despite the impact of unseasonable temperatures in the US on clothing purchases, it still managed to increase eCommerce sales by 25% over the same quarter in 2017. Nordstrom’s retail success stems from online purchases and in-store pick ups of eCommerce purchases. That could only happen from their investment in technology.

Customer Experience

Zara is showing off its investment in retail technology with a new London flagship store.  It includes an automated system for customers to pick-up online orders. Previously, Zara staff would have to retrieve those orders from storerooms, resulting in long wait times. Other technologies include RFID-equipped mirrors that detect products to show what a customer would look like wearing that outfit.

Omnichannel Foundation

The omnichannel lets retailers meet customer expectation. Letting them buy online, buy in-store, buy-online for in-store pickup, and more spells retail success in the age of eCommerce. Retailers can lay the omnichannel foundation by integrating their channels and their warehouse for efficient order routing and processing. Click below to learn how Cin7 can integrate your channels and logistics as an omnichannel business.

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