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Cin7 combines production, warehouse management, B2B and retail POS features with 200+ integrations to eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, EDI retailers, 3PLs and more in a single cloud-based inventory and order management platform.

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How Cin7’s retail stock management software can help you grow your business

Get a complete retail stock control system with Cin7. Make your retail stock management and order processes more efficient, and set the stage for scalable growth with Cin7.
  • Centralization
    Eliminate the need for multiple software products to manage stock and fulfill orders. Manage and coordinate all channels and locations in one platform.
  • Visibility
    Gain real-time inventory visibility from production to the warehouse to every sales channel, and eliminate stock-outs, double-selling and overstock.
  • Automation
    Handle increasing order volumes efficiently with integrated workflows and automated inventory processes.
  • Flexibility
    Configure Cin7 for your particular business. Manage stock and orders for production jobs, in physical stores and eCommerce websites, and for marketplaces and B2B channels.
  • Planning
    Use a comprehensive library of reports and forecasting tools to monitor sales down to the customer and gain useful insight for inventory planning.
  • Agility
    Maintain inventory and order control as your business expands to new channels and geographies. Quickly integrate with 3PLs all over the world, EDI retailers and shipping solutions.
  • Accounting
    Track actual costs that factor-in freight, duties and more, and easily reconcile your sales, costs and orders with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Enterprise or Xero.

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