Cin7 Partner Program

By recommending Cin7 to your clients you’ll earn commission and add value to their business by helping them connect and streamline¬†their supply chains.

Benefits of becoming a Cin7 Partner

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    Add value

    Create lasting customer relationships by recommending software that provides value for their business.

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    Increase revenue

    Earn a fee* for each client you refer, who subscribes to Cin7 (*fee determined by Partner tier).

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    Free training

    No fee for training and certification processes and no minimum commitments.

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    Partner Portal access

    Fast and easy access to the resources to help you promote and sell the product.

Key resources all partners receive

Partner Portal

Find information, track and create deals using your partner portal


Cin7 certification gives you the skills to recommend Cin7


Internal Cin7 Partner specialists that help you succeed


Receive sales, marketing and technical expertise

Direct Contact

Open channels so you have regular contact with Cin7

Two tiers to suit your level of capability and commitment

Designed to be flexible, the Cin7 Partner Program has a tier to suit all business models, with the freedom to move between the tiers if your circumstances change. There’s no cost to sign up and you’ll be supported the entire way.

Add value to your client relationships by referring them a product that enhances their business processes. No selling, simply refer and collect your commission.

Become a Referral Partner Now

Learn the “ins & outs” of Cin7 so that you can sell, onboard and support your clients that use Cin7. Earn by charging for your services setting up and supporting Cin7.

Become a Certified Integrator Now