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The year seems to be speeding past at a rapid pace, and we hardly noticed. We’ve been busy, and we think that’s a good sign. We hope you’re having a great year, too. Here are some of the improvements, new integrations and product development we’ve rolled out in the last month.

Upgrades to eCommerce Integrations

Cin7 has made significant improvements to make it easier for customers to manage their products across all their channels, eCommerce in particular.

We’ve upgraded the settings pages and dashboards of our eCommerce platform and online marketplace integrations to streamline end-to-end product and sales order workflows.

We’ve made it easier to import products from existing channels to eCommerce channels at the onboarding stage. We’ve also vastly improved the way our customers process sales orders across all their channels, and synchronize orders with 3PLs and shipping solutions.

Recently Added Integrations

New marketplace integrations went live on the Cin7 Supply Chain App Store in the last month. These include:

  • eBay, a global marketplace suitable with nearly 170 million active users, perfect for B2B or B2C companies across a wide range of categories to add a new potential revenue stream.
  • Walmart Marketplace, the retail giant’s growing online marketplace gives B2C companies in North America the potential to reach 110 million unique monthly visitors a month, across a wide range of product categories. Use Cin7 to manage your stock and order when Walmart approves your application to become a marketplace seller.

Integrations Coming Soon

  • Etsy. a marketplace for B2C suppliers of apparel, jewelry, home and living products and more. Nearly 29 million customers made purchases on Etsy in 2016.
  • Newegg Business, an online marketplace for B2B suppliers in consumer technology,  computers and components, accessories, and more. Newegg boasts a 25 million member-strong customer base throughout the US.
  • Quickbooks Enterprise, the intuitive, hardware-based accounting software product particularly for US-based SMBs and SMEs.

Get Product Updates As They Happen

Learn about new product development as it occurs by visiting our updates page. You can add the page to your RSS feed by pasting this link to your reader.

Other Recent Product Upgrades and Improvements

eCommerce. As mentioned above, we’ve made a lot of improvements to help customers better manage products across all their eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces, including:

  • Set specific times to automatically update stock levels and status in Settings.
  • Set specific times for Cin7 to automatically download orders in Settings. (Help article)
  • Set orders to automatically expand bills of material when an order requires kitting.
  • Set orders to automatically route to a particular branch, based on criteria such as country, state, and stock availability. (Help article)
  • In each eCommerce integration dashboard, view products listed in that channel mapped to their corresponding product in Cin7.
  • Upload products to Shopify v2. (Help article)

POS v3 Cin7 rolled out its new POS module with an improved, mobile-friendly interface and new functionality, including:

  • Set flexible expiration dates for gift vouchers and store credits.
  • Issue loyalty rewards based on spending thresholds. (Help article)
  • Redirect HTTPS when IP printing is not enabled.
  • Connect seamlessly to Dejavoo terminals.
  • Load line items from the top down for easier handling of large transactions.
  • Customer promotions now available in POS v3.

Read this help article for details on POS v3 and transitioning from POS v2.

Other Updates

  • View stock by branch in the sales order module.
  • Dispatch branch transfers in the Pick n Pack module.
  • Virtual Stock now excludes non-stock items for more accurate stock on hand quantities.
  • (Optional) Display current branch stock instead of total stock in a sales order. Contact support for details on how to select this option.
  • Bulk Pick all line items in a Sales Order without having to Fully Dispatch the order (Useful for shipping integrations). (Help article)

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