25 June, 2024

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 25th June, 2024

Warehouse Management System

  • Sales order Update Log shows WMS changes
    Your sales orders will now show WMS changes in the Update Log on the Admin page. This will also show the correct timestamp regardless of the current timezone.


  • Creating a draft Credit Note with Cin7 Omni API updates to DRAFT
    Draft credit notes created through the Cin7 Omni API show as Draft. Previously, draft credit notes created with the API were Approved.
    This affects the POST CreditNotes endpoint.
  • Update credit notes with a zero value total in Cin7 Omni API
    You can now edit credit notes with a payment of $0 with the Cin7 Omni API.
    This affects the PUT CreditNotes endpoint.

Sales Order

  • Tax rates locked for invoiced sales orders
    Tax rates are locked after the invoice date has been applied to a sales order. If you update a historical sales order, it will retain the old tax rate.
  • More custom sales order stages
    We’ve increased the amount of custom sales order stages. This change better supports customers with long stage names or with many stages.
  • Improved stock availability accuracy
    We’ve improved the accuracy of stock availability. Previously, it was incorrect if a branch was changed in a sales order.

Branch Transfers

  • Production jobs COGS included in branch transfers
    Our branch transfers now include COGS when the stock is used in a production job.


  • Tax rates locked for invoiced sales orders
    We no longer overwrite the tax rate in invoiced sales orders. Previously, if you had a new tax rate, it would overwrite the old tax rate when you opened an invoiced sales order.