23 June, 2024

Cin7 Core Enhancements | 23rd June, 2024

FEATURES: Attachments tab added to stocktake and disassembly, and display enabled Stripe payment methods including direct debit, digital wallet, bank transfer, BNPL and many others as set by merchants. 

Feature 1: Attachments tab and comment field added to stocktake and disassembly

Impact area:

Inventory module


An Attachments tab has now been added to stocktake and disassemblies, where you can add documents and images to your operation. Additionally, a Comments field has been included for leaving notes. No user action is required.


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Feature 2: Stripe – All payment methods enabled in Stripe account now show automatically in Stripe checkout window

Impact area:



Previously, Cin7 Core only supported card payment methods when integrated with Stripe. With this release, payment methods supported by Stripe will be automatically available as our merchant-customers opt in to allowing these methods via their Stripe Dashboards. All payment methods enabled in the Stripe account by the merchant are now shown in the Stripe checkout window. With this update, Cin7 Core merchants can offer their customers the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method including pay via direct debit, digital wallet, bank transfer, BNPL and many other payment methods as set in their Stripe dashboard.

Stripe payment methods must be configured from your Stripe dashboard to be made available for payments for Cin7 Core sales.


  • Complete steps 1. Create a payment method configuration and 2. Enable payment methods described here from your Stripe account.

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Stripe integration