Pricing suited to your business

CIN7 offers three pricing tiers to match your business requirements at your growth stage.

Starter Tier

Grow beyond the startup phase.

You’ve established your brand, and you sell to a growing number of customers. You see opportunity to increase revenue past the $2 million mark with additional channels. You need your limited staff to focus on sales, marketing and product development, not on your operations. Your spreadsheets and non-integrated software bog them down. You want to integrate your channels and warehouse, automate order processes and finally gain inventory and order visibility.

Momentum Tier

Sustain growth as operations expand.

You’ve broadened your footprint and won the hearts of many loyal customers. You’ve added depth to your product range and you now hold inventory in multiple locations. You now operate a chain of stores, sell to overseas customers, sell direct-to-consumer and to retail customers, or all-of-the-above. The multiple software solutions you use do not integrate enough of your processes, creating bottlenecks in your operations. You need technology that integrates and automates your entire supply chain, which requires free-flowing data to your POS, B2B eCommerce, warehouses/3PLs and all channels.

Superplex Tier

Gain supreme operational efficiency that sustains growth as business complexity increases.

You’ve established a broad customer base and wide brand awareness. You sell and hold stock in many locations, including multiple warehouses and/or 3PLs. Your business model may include overlapping subsidiary entities that buy and sell from one another. The ERPs and other software you’ve used to manage operations came about organically. As a result, data does not flow freely among your warehouse, online sales, retail, EDI, and finance operations creating delays in fulfillment and dramatically reducing enterprise-wide visibility. With sales skyrocketing, it is more critical than ever to increase efficiency in fulfilling orders, maintaining optimum stock levels, replenishing branches and delivering customers an omnichannel experience.