Cin7 with Dejavoo and EVO

Power Up Your POS with Cin7 and EVO Payments

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Retailers don’t simply make transactions at the point of sale. Today’s POS brings superior customer service together with the most efficient business processes. That is, when they make the right technology choices. As a retailer in the US or Canada, power up your POS using Cin7 with Dejavoo and EVO.

Why Cin7 with EVO Makes Sense

Cin7 gives retailers the visibility and control to make the POS a superior customer experience. And EVO Payments International makes payment processing flexible and easy for retailers in North America. That’s why Cin7 works with EVO to power up your POS.

Why EVO is a Leading Choice Among Retailers

EVO Payments International has come a long way from its days as a small provider of POS terminals. Since its 1989 launch, EVO grew into one of the leading payment processors in North America.

Not only does EVO provide credit and debit card acceptance. It offers merchants a full menu of services geared to providing fast, secure, easy and flexible non-cash payment processing. Its services span physical POS, eCommerce, mail-order retail and ATMs.

Moreover, EVO established a solid reputation with both merchants and financial institutions as a trusted transaction processor. EVO is a Principal Member of Visa and Mastercard and an exclusive provider to international financial firms, including Deutsche Bank and the Postbank.

Consequently, EVO today processes over $50 billion in payments every year working with 500,000 retailers. Cin7 works with EVO because merchants in North America prefer EVO.

And EVO works with Dejavoo Solutions

Cin7 also integrates with Dejavoo POS terminals, which lists EVO as a preferred payment processor. Dejavoo brands multiple lines of countertop, wireless and pinpad terminals. Additionally, Dejavoo offers a range of other POS services and solutions.

Bring it Together and Power Up Your POS

Use Cin7 to power up your POS with the payment processor of choice in the US and Canad. First, enjoy secure, fast and flexible payment with EVO. Then take advantage of Cin7’s partnership with EVO that gives Cin7 customers special rates on EVO services.

With Cin7, EVO and Dejavoo, retailers get the best of all worlds. Combine payment processing, and terminals with a solution to manage stock, sales and customer information in a single interface.

Your retail staff will know the exact stock on hand at any time. Also, they’ll know if they should apply a credit to a customer. Moreover, the combination reduces data entry requirements to process sales while managing stock levels. So with Cin7 and EVO, you can give your customers a better in-store experience.

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