Cin7 Case Study

Evolve Outdoors

Business Evolves for outdoor gear company, thanks to Cin7

by Cin7 Team
Rob Wilson started hunting and fishing gear company Evolve Outdoors about 12 years ago because of his passions for the two sports and for business.

Evolve is a wholesale business distributing from New Zealand and Australian warehouses. Products are sold globally in selected retailers and through an online store.

Rob, CEO, says the Wellington-based company used MYOB for many years but reports weren’t customisable.

“With MYOB, we had to run two reports and then manage them together, which was really slow and time-consuming,” Rob says.

When Rob opened a Melbourne warehouse several years ago, the requirement for two MYOB accounting solutions caused additional workload and created massive amounts of stress. Staff desperately needed a new solution.

Rob considered various options including Unleashed and Sage or even a more advanced version of MYOB.

More efficiencies, fewer mistakes

CIN7 has made Evolve’s processes more efficient. The eight sales representatives can plug in and view reports while out on the road, which helps with strategic planning and stock purchasing.

Orders are more accurate with CIN7 too. “We don’t have people ringing us up and telling us that we have charged arged for one.”

More sales for Evolve

Rob says CIN7 has saved time and made the lives of Evolve’s staff so much easier.

With CIN7, it only takes a minute to complete what would have taken 10 minutes in MYOB. “It means we can sell more product.

He adds: “It certainly makes the day more enjoyable not wasting time with a riff-raff system – we have got a much more streamlined way of doing it.”

For Rob, CIN7 was money well-spent. “It’s a great package – highly recommended.”

Business Benefits


Saves time


Easier & flexible reporting


Better business management


Data accessible on-the-go and across the globe


Fewer ordering mistakes


Increased sales