Cin7 Case Study

Video Conference Gear

Defeating the Tyranny of Distance

by Simon Eskow
What Video Conference Gear sells is no simple proposition. Cin7 helps make it easier for them to close deals and improve cash flow.

Video collaboration was once the exclusive realm of tech giants selling expensive solutions to large enterprises with big budgets.

That was the world Ryan Pinke came from when he launched Video Conference Gear, a Colorado-based B2B provider of cost-effective, state-of-the-art conferencing solutions for Fortune 1000 companies.s

“We came from big IT consulting, and Ryan and I both sold Cisco video systems globally,” says Managing Partner Kody Capps, who officially joined Ryan’s company in 2016. “Frankly I got tired of selling millions of dollars in systems that weren’t being used.”

Kody says he loves demonstrating to his customers the benefits of the solutions his company sells.

“A lot of our customers have an international presence,” Kody says. “Being able to help them meet with their employees and customers face-to-face has been phenomenal.”

But with so many options available in today’s market of next-generation video conferencing technology, selling the right devices and collaboration platforms is no simple proposition.

Outgrowing Old Processes


The company was already outgrowing its management processes when Kody came on board full time.

“What Ryan had done previously was good for a one-man operation,” Kody says. “But there was no way to track anything: who did what when; cost versus profit versus revenue. All we could see was revenue and we had to look around everywhere to understand our costs.”

Most importantly, they needed to manage the end stage of its sales pipeline as it dispensed with its B2C channels to be a complete B2B technology solution provider.

“The way our business was changing, we needed to give a lot of custom-type quotes and custom designs versus off-the-shelf products,” Kody says. “It was a lot more consultative and there are a lot more development and strategic conversations we’re having with our clients.”

Cin7 and the Cin7 Payment Portal


Kody says no one solution was going to give him everything he needed, but after testing 15 systems, the one that came closest to hitting the mark was Cin7.

The company uses Cin7 to integrate CRM data with quotes and purchase orders, to invoice customers, and to tie that data into all of Video Conference Gear’s business-critical tools. A big part of the draw were features that became the Cin7 Payment Portal and Video Conference Gear was critical in its development.

“The piece I was seeking was in the quoting tool and being able to see where our gross profit was at the time of the quote and adjust that according to our needs,” Kody says. “There are a lot more quotes going out the door and being able to see cost and revenue prior to sending out those quotes has been hugely beneficial to our business.”

With Cin7 and the Payment Portal, Video Conference Gear has greater sales visibility and the ability to convert quotes to sales faster. The Payment Portal gives their customers a link to accept quotes.

“Cin7’s been a great tool and it’s helped our business gain visibility,” Kody says. “And as for the Payment Portal, our customers seem to like it, and it’s been a significant benefit to our business in terms of cash flow and getting money in the door quicker. People are paying off the quote now, and any time we get money in the door before shipping products out is a benefit. It’s clean, and it’s easy to use, and we love being able to market to our valued customers with a thank you directly after payment is received.”

Business Benefits


Streamlined digital invoice/payment processes


Simple Accept Quote feature accelerates sales cycle


Actual cost, revenue and gross profit visibility


Quicker online payments for better cash flow