Customer Reviews

“We’d struggled because of the way billing was set up with supermarkets, where we couldn’t track individual branch sales with 100% accuracy. Cin7 lets you track everything.”
Jesse Chalmers, Owner and Director of Finance, Chalmers Organics
“We were looking for a change in lifestyle, combining a place we love with a product we love and market that in Mauritius. We wanted to get into a better lifestyle and out of the nine-to-five thing.”
Evelyn Burns, Co-Founder, New Horizon Wines
“Our previous system couldn’t provide the tools we needed to efficiently manage our supply chain. With Cin7, we can quickly identify our needs and produce purchase orders using the Smart Buyer tool and have the PO sent directly from the system. The detailed communication log Cin7 keeps allows us to efficiently track the order and follow up as needed without hunting down paperwork from half a dozen different locations.”
Matthew Kessenich, Director of Finance, The Spice and Tea Exchange
“In the old days, it was all about bricks and mortar. Online is incredible, Amazon is incredible and we can reach so many markets through online purchase.”
Sheryl Steens, Co-Founder and Director, Steens Honey