Customer Reviews

"This program is easy to use, you have a great video library of 'how do's"", the one-on-one training is very helpful. It is great that I can get so many things customized and it seems like there are no issues with anything that I ask for."
Grace B. - Co-founder, LTH JKT
"I've appreciated the onboarding and post-live teams help as we got everything set up and running in the Cin7 system."
Erin Flanagan - Operations Manager, Mantraband
"After 3 months of onboarding and careful workflow construction with Gavin, we have launched and are loving the software. The multi-level look we get at our inventory is phenomenal. Not to mention, our B2B customers have their own portal to shop, and WooCommerce integrates seamlessly as our online shopping portal."
Madison - Digital Strategist, Greeley Hat Works
“I was beyond impressed with the care and attention we received from our onboarding specialist. We had a few setup issues along the way, but these were sorted out in a timely and courteous manner. Nothing was too much trouble and we really felt like we were supported during the setup phase.”
Kate Davis Steer, Founder, Sunsoaked
“I wanted something that I wasn’t limited with. I didn’t want it to be that I would change over and that was it, that I was at the maximum of what I could use it for. I want to add more stores. I want to add in different channels like eBay, so there’s room for growth there.”
Michelle Ghoulmore, Cofounder, Kreepsville 666
"The ability to customize was exactly what I needed to set me apart from the Amazons of the world. Cin7 allows me to make a good first impression, and that’s consistent with my core values and my philosophy in business: relationships travel at the speed of trust."
Wayne Headley, Founder, Dagga Sous/Artphere US
"Automatically sending communication back and forth to the 3PL has been a huge help. If we notice that the inventory is not aligning, we can quickly see it in Cin7 in real-time."
Andrew Sutton, Head of Operations, Tipsy Elves
“It’s just having the information at your fingertips which can be immediately understood and without the need for a bunch of spreadsheets. It simplifies your business, makes it a lot easier to run, and a lot more transparent.”
Gordon Grant, CFO, I Love Ugly
“We managed all our stock using spreadsheets, and it was pretty messy. ...It was hard to know what stock there really was in the warehouse. Cin7 has helped our business to be streamlined and accountable. We don’t spend as much time worrying about where our stock is.”
Matt Newman, Founder, ONEBYONE