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The ultimate order management software for multichannel businesses

With real-time stock visibility and automated sales order management, Cin7 puts greater business efficiency within your reach. Cin7’s fully integrated order management software aligns your inventory with your orders, everywhere you sell.



“We realized pretty quickly that a combination of Cin7 with Xero would accomplish a good 85% of what a $200,000 system could do for us, but in a much more flexible and easier-to-use platform.”
Matthew Kessenich, Director of Finance, The Spice & Tea Exchange



Manage your orders anywhere, in real time.

Cin7’s cloud-based order system makes it easy to manage orders across all your sales channels. Feature-rich and fully integrated, Cin7 streamlines and automates all the order processes a growing retail or wholesale business needs:

  • Omnichannel order management
  • Integrated point of sale (POS)
  • Automated order processing
  • Easy order fulfillment and dropshipping
  • Back order and preorder management
  • Offline order processing
  • eCommerce and marketplace integrations
  • Flexible shipping and 3PL integrations
  • In-depth sales analysis reporting
  • Integrates with Xero and QuickBooks accounting software



“With Cin7, the order goes into the warehouse and we don’t touch it. That lets us focus on our value proposition, and if we can focus on that, that’s how we’re going to grow our business.”
Roy Nakouzi, Chief Operating Officer, Nathan James



Cloud inventory management for how you do business

Your business model depends on who your customers are. These days, they can be anywhere. Cin7’s modules and integrations allow you to manage your business as you add new channels and locations.

Key Benefits of Cin7 Order Management Software


Eliminate the need for multiple software products to manage stock and fulfill orders. Manage and coordinate all channels and locations in one platform.


Gain real-time stock and order visibility, from production to the warehouse to every sales channel, and eliminate stock-outs, double-selling and overstock.


Handle increasing order volumes efficiently with integrated workflows and automated inventory processes.


Configure Cin7 for your particular business. Manage stock and orders for production jobs, brick-and-mortar stores, and eCommerce websites as well as marketplaces and B2B channels.


Gain useful insights for inventory and order planning using our comprehensive library of reports and forecasting tools. Track sales down to the customer!


Maintain inventory and order control as your business expands to new channels and markets. Quickly integrate with global 3PLs, EDI retailers and shipping solutions.


Track actual costs that factor in freight, duties and more, and easily reconcile your sales, costs and orders with QuickBooks or Xero.

“In the old days, it was all about bricks and mortar. Online is incredible, Amazon is incredible and we can reach so many markets through online purchase.”
Sheryl Steens, Co-Founder and Director, Steens Honey



Connect with more than 550 integrations

Cin7 quickly and easily integrates with leading eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, EDI retailers and suppliers, 3PL providers, shipping and payment solutions, accounting software, and sales & marketing tools.

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Cin7, the powerful inventory and order management platform that does it all

Streamline your workflows so you can spend more time actively growing your business and your bottom line. Cin7 lets you manage all your orders, inventory, purchasing, warehouse, CRM/loyalty programs, accounting, fulfillment, reporting and POS using a single system.

 Omnichannel Management

 Inventory Management

 Warehouse Management


 B2B eCommerce

 Workflow Automation

 Reports & Forecasting

 Payment Portal

 Amazon Seller, Vendor, FBA

 Multi-Entity Business

 Wholesale Fulfillment & Pricing




"We love almost everything compared to our old software, especially the fact that I can access the databases from anywhere. Cin7 also connects with all the platforms we use and really streamlines the processes between Magento, eBay, Amazon and QuickBooks. "
Rob Scott, Technology Manager, Best Value Vacs



Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Cin7 handle all channels and locations without the custom development that ERPs require?

Absolutely. Cin7’s 550+ integrations cover most customers’ requirements out of the box. Easily sync your data with eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, accounting solutions, 3PL warehouses, marketing and shipping solutions, and even retail trading partners. Expansive integration and built-in POS and warehouse features let you manage all your sales channels and stock locations in a single platform without the need for expensive, time-consuming customization.


What channels does Cin7 integrate with?

Cin7 quickly and easily integrates with leading eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces, including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, eBay, Amazon and Walmart. Cin7 also has its own integrated point of sale (POS) with offline capabilities. Cin7 supports payment solutions and landed costs and connects with popular shipping carriers, 3PL providers, EDI retailers and suppliers, and more.


Can Cin7 track accurate costs instead of average costs?

Yes! Cin7 is always accurate, never average. Cin7 calculates the actual cost of goods sold (COGS), taking into account freight, duty, landed costs and more. This ultimately yields your true gross profits. Cin7 recalculates sales order COGS if landed costs change, then posts it to the same period as the sales order.


Can Cin7 streamline fulfillment as online orders grow?

Yes. As your eCommerce orders increase, the manual processes you use to fulfill warehouse orders become less efficient. Cin7’s built-in warehouse management features streamlined processes that enable staff with even minimal experience to pick thousands of orders a day.


Does Cin7 require development to integrate order workflows?

No. Cin7 integrates your channels and your warehouse—out of the box—for quick and efficient fulfillment, reducing redundant data entry and tedious admin tasks. With Cin7, you can also keep your online customers up to date, with accurate stock availability and order status.


Is Cin7 a good option for basic warehouse workflows?

Yes. Unlike many warehouse management systems that are clunky and overly complicated, Cin7 is perfect for brands with basic fulfillment requirements. Cin7 streamlines orders from all your channels, permits bin-location assignments and more, setting the stage for more efficient fulfillment.


Can Cin7 help you track deposits on wholesale orders?

Yes. Cin7 uses best practices for the accurate tracking of deposits and payments. It works seamlessly with your accounting software to manage every deposit as a liability until an order is dispatched and a complete invoice is generated.


Can Cin7 help you manage indent orders efficiently?

Yes. Cin7 allows wholesalers to keep indent orders separate from normal stock. Cin7’s Smart Buyer feature then consolidates all indent sales orders to create purchase orders in just a few clicks, eliminating manual processes that slow you down.


Can Cin7 help eliminate errors that arise from custom pricing?

Yes. Cin7 lets you create multiple price columns to meet your customers’ different requirements. You can easily apply percentage discounts and add contract pricing for particular products at specified volume quantity breaks. Cin7 calculates all of it automatically, eliminating human error when making a new sale.


Can Cin7 track on-account customer activity?

Yes. Cin7 can alert you when a customer reaches a preset credit limit as you create new sales orders. Cin7 can also prompt your customers to settle accounts and help keep your cash flow moving.

Does Cin7 have the wholesale order logic that eCommerce platforms lack?

Yes. Cin7’s built-in B2B eCommerce features were designed with wholesale business in mind. Cin7 provides an out-of-the-box solution that integrates inventory and product information with a customer-facing website. Pricing, checkout and payment features are optimized for the way B2Bs sell.


Is Cin7's B2B eCommerce expensive to set up or difficult to manage?

No. If you have simple order requirements, Cin7's built-in B2B eCommerce module makes it easy to start selling to your wholesale customers online. This module is one of the most popular functions that wholesalers need for efficient online B2B order management.


Can Cin7 eliminate redundant processes for your multi-entity business?

Yes. If you manage an overseas company as a separate business, you may want it to sell some of the same products as your original brand. This usually duplicates data entry tasks for both entities. With Cin7, you can link two accounts and set rules to automatically create a sales order in one when you create a purchase order in the other.


Can Cin7 help you manage related wholesale and retail businesses?

Yes. Cin7 lets you link the accounts of related businesses with a feature we call Quad Accounting. The concept is simple: Connect multiple accounts to eliminate steps in your workflow. This is especially useful when you’ve created a supplier–buyer relationship between two independent entities within a complex business model. You can also use Quad Accounting when trading with another business that uses Cin7.


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