Will online fashion eat retailers’ lunch?

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The figures vary from report to report, but the conclusions are consistent. Consumers like buying fashion online more and more. While most purchases still happen in stores, online is progressively taking over. That may spell trouble for department stores. However, plenty of brands do well selling through multiple websites, marketplaces and physical channels.

Shoppers get comfortable with online fashion

People are buying clothes on the internet more often these days. For apparel, the look and feel that only brick-and-mortars can provide is giving way to online fashion. According to one report, 21% of apparel purchases in 2017 were made online. Meanwhile, in-store purchases went down by 3% between 2016 and 2017. Generally speaking, Amazon seems to be taking the lion-share of internet apparel, with department stores standing to lose out in the long run.

Fashion behemoth

Clearly, Amazon is making things tough for traditional fashion retailers. Its fashion business savvy builds on its famous customer service and competitive pricing. And Prime Wardrobe, its try-before-you-buy service, Amazon resolved the “look-and-feel” advantage once exclusive to traditional retailers. Consequently, fully half of consumers who bought clothes online shopped on Amazon.

Department store woes

Regardless of the shift in buying patterns, there’s plenty of room for brick-and-mortars. Among big retailers, off-price fashion chains keep growing by drawing price-conscious consumers. TJ Maxx continues opening new stores (at times occupying space left by Toys “R” Us). However, the selection and convenience of online shopping may spell trouble for department stores. By 2022, they may account for a mere 8% of the US fashion market, a steep drop from 24% just a decade ago.

Cin7 and online fashion

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