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New Real-Time Insights Tool Visualizes Profitable, Fast-Selling Inventory at a Glance

by Cin7 Team
The Inventory Success Quadrant enables Cin7 customers to make better decisions about their products, sales channels, pricing and more

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – December 4, 2019 – Cin7, a pioneer in cloud-based inventory management software (IMS) and point-of-sale (POS) solutions, has released a powerful intelligence tool enabling its customers to make more effective decisions about their inventory, pricing, and sales strategy.

The Inventory Success Quadrant sorts inventory into Loss Leader, Hot, Risky and Waste categories based on its gross profit versus the number of days it sits in stock. This intelligence tool helps Cin7 customers visualize what products are most successful, which channels work best, what price ranges are most effective, and more.

“We want our customers to be able to develop the right product mix for maximizing their margins and cash flow,” said Cin7 Founder and Chief Architect Danny Ing. “The Inventory Success Quadrant harnesses the extensive data that Cin7 accumulates about their inventory, channels and suppliers, empowering our customers to develop a highly effective inventory strategy.”

Following Cin7’s recent debuts of the Homepage Dashboard and Accounting Dashboard, the Inventory Success Quadrant is the latest feature designed to make Cin7 a more intelligent solution for retailers and wholesalers. These features give them clear insight into sales, operations and inventory and empower them to make smarter business decisions faster.

In the Inventory Success Quadrant, inventory with the highest gross profit and the lowest days in stock are categorized as Hot, while inventory with the lowest gross profit and the highest days in stock are labeled Waste. Low-margin products that sell quickly are counted as Loss Leaders, while Risky products are those with high margins.

In addition to analyzing products, the Inventory Success Quadrant can be used to compare gross profit versus days in stock for price ranges, sales channels, suppliers and other metrics.

“It’s not enough to double-down on your hottest selling products and phase out the stock that’s collecting dust,” Danny said. “To be competitive you need the right mix of products that help increase overall sales and others that beef up your margins, not to mention the right channels, suppliers and price ranges. That’s what the Inventory Success Quadrant is about: fine-tuning your overall product strategy and striking the perfect inventory balance.”

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