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How Much Will AI Drive Retail in the Future?

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How does AI impact your business? Well, for starters, we already know artificial intelligence helps customers shop. Alexa, for example, immediately leaps to mind. Not only is it an effective shopping aid for Amazon, but some see it as a model for all computer interaction. Artificial intelligence, however, will play a bigger role throughout the retail supply chain. Whether you realize it or not, you’ll see AI drive retail in every aspect of your business sooner or later.

AI is Everywhere

Over the last few years, artificial intelligence moved beyond hype. Broadly speaking, people define AI as the ability of an electronic system to analyze data and take (or prompt) action in response. You can clearly see that in action with those fascinating (perhaps creepy) machines from Boston Dynamics. And you can experience it with digital assistants like Alexa. The technology has matured so much, observers see AI drive retail customers’ spending. For example, in 2018 we could see 10% of purchase decisions guided by an AI agent.

Cin7 and AI

Cin7 continues to look for ways to make managing the supply chain for the omnichannel easier and more cost effective. To that end, we’re pushing toward what we like to call the driverless supply chain. This concept not only encompasses automation of the processes you need to manage your business. It will also include features that will respond to data to take action or prompt you to take action. So stay tuned through the year to learn more.

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