How the Right POS Brings Channels Together

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It used to be that what happened in the brick-and-mortar stayed in the brick-and-mortar. In other words, for many retailers, the store was a discrete and isolated sales channel. Technology, however, punched a hole through that wall. Because customers now shop both online and in stores, retailers need an integrated online POS solution to manage the physical channel as part of a whole.

Integrated, Online POS for the Reality of the Omnichannel

Retail experts generally agree that brick-and-mortars must maintain a seamless shopping experience across online and physical channels. The vast majority of consumers still buy in stores. However, they will begin shopping for an item online, and for a steadily increasing number of people, they’ll shop online too. Moreover, they’re beginning to expect flexibility in fulfillment, such as click-and-collect and ship from store. While technology changed customer expectation, it also lets retailers meet that expectation. Experts point to technologies necessary to manage retail, including accounting, POS, supply chain management, and CRM. The key lies in an online POS capability that integrates with every other aspect of a retailer’s business. Here’s what makes integrated online POS crucial to retail:

Online POS for Inventory Omniscience

An online POS solution that integrates with inventory lets you satisfy customer demand at the register. For example, a cashier can see what’s on hand in the store and what can be dispatched from another branch or warehouse.

For Minimal Data Entry

An integrated online POS solution will eliminate manual data. Otherwise, a retailer would need to process sales in one system, then update stock on a website, online marketplace, warehouses and other stores.

For a Synchronized Customer Experience

A POS solution integrated with a CRM will increase customer loyalty. For example, a retailer can set the parameters for credits and gift vouchers and synchronize those settings on their customer website. Other features, such as automatic email of POS receipts to customers, can improve customer communication.

Cin7 Does It

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