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Automation, Live Integrations, Fixes and More

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Welcome to the September update, providing a summary of Cin7’s most recent live integrations, feature upgrades, and product fixes.

The Automation of eCommerce

Cin7 this year entered a new phase in its product development. Founder and Chief Architect Danny Ing expects Cin7 to automate 95% of product workflows by the end of 2018. To that end, we’ve completed the roll-out of Version 2 of all our eCommerce and marketplace apps. These let you automatically download and route orders placed on your websites or marketplace channels. Furthermore, with shipping integrations, you can set rules to automatically dispatch orders from your 3PL provider.  With upgrades completed to BigCommerce, Joor, NuOrder, The Iconic, and WooCommerce, all our marketplace and eCommerce integrations now support these automation features. Essentially, businesses using Cin7 to manage stock for eCommerce can enjoy “hands free” order processing and fulfillment. This is part of Danny’s concept of making the “driverless supply chain” a reality.

Live Integrations

Shippit. Australian businesses can now integrate with Shippit, a fulfillment solution for coordinating, booking and tracking shipments through a wide selection of couriers. Cin7’s Shippit app went live 22 August giving Cin7 customers that integrate with Shippit the ability to sync and update orders with shipping details after dispatch. If you’re already a customer, see Shippit’s page for installing the Shippit plugin for Cin7.

QuickBooks Enterprise. Many US businesses choose to maintain their accounting solution in-house, using QuickBooks Enterprise. They want to avoid the cost and hassle of migration, but they need cost effective, comprehensive inventory management. Cin7 you the best of both worlds with our QuickBooks Enterprise integration, now live.

Etsy. Our integration with Etsy went live 11 September. Etsy is a US-based marketplace focused on handmade and vintage items and supplies, and unique factory-manufactured items. Cin7 customers can download orders, update order statuses and stock levels, and download and map products using Cin7’s Etsy integration.

Recent Product Updates and Changes

In addition to live integrations and new automation features, Cin7 continues to fine-tune its entire feature set. This includes better interfaces, product fixes and other enhancements.

Accounting Integrations

  • Xero. We fixed an issue that caused some values in Cin7 to incorrectly represent what was being imported into Xero.
  • QuickBooks/Xero. We created a new Default Accounting Status setting to let you set the import status automatically when downloading orders from eCommerce and marketplace channels.

CRM Module

Percentage Off Price Tier. We’ve made ‘percentage off price tier’ field available to add to the CRM. This is a simple way to add a percentage discount off everything for a specific customer. When logged in as an administrator, your client now easily select the check Percentage off Price Tier and apply it to an area of their choice in the CRM.

eCommerce and Marketplaces

  • Walmart Marketplace. You can now automatically update the status of orders placed on Walmart Marketplace. Previously, you would have to manually update the order status once you’ve marked an order as shipped. Now, Cin7 automatically pushes that order status to your Walmart account. See Updating the Status of Walmart Marketplace Orders.
  • WooCommerce. You can now automatically upload products not only to Shopify but to WooCommerce as well. Previously, you could only download products from WooCommerce. This new feature allows you to create new products in Cin7 and to push SKU, Stock Available, Product Image, Variants and other data to WooCommerce, eliminating manual administration. See Uploading Products into WooCommerce from Cin7.
  • Amazon Seller. We’ve made a small, but important change. We used to interpret the Buyer Name in Amazon as the Shipping Name in Cin7. Now we take the name from Amazon’s shipping details. This is important when the recipient is not the buyer.
  • Credit Notes. You can download credit notes from Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Activate this feature in the module settings. See the Shopify Help Page for an example of how this works for eCommerce integrations.
  • v2 Dashboard DetailsIf you want to know more about our v2 integrations, read A Look inside Cin7’s Upgraded Marketplace and Ecommerce Apps.

Email Dashboard

We’ve made an important upgrade. Cin7’s Email dashboard and logs now give customers a snapshot of emails sent from Cin7. The dashboard now gives customers a lot more value by summarizing emails, status of invoices, quotes, and other information. Read more about it here.

POS Module

  • Fine-tuned the logic behind order reference creation for orders parked in the POS and later approved. The fix prevents unusual or duplicate order references.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tax to be calculated incorrectly in the POS when change was calculated in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed the 2×1 Label to keep long names from overflowing.
  • Enhanced security. We have enhanced security with auto-updated passwords for both the Point of Sale and Pick’n’Pack modules. This update does not affect POS registers or Pick’n’Pack apps that have already been set up. See Setting up the POS and Setting up the Pick ‘n’ Pack.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of credits on returns of POS purchases that were paid with a promo code.

Sales Orders

Search by carton number. You can now search the Sales Order list by Carton Number. While logged in as an administrator, check the Carton Number under the Additional Search Fields section. The search field will now appear in the Sales Order list page.

Shipping Integrations

ShipStation and Shippit. We fixed an issue that caused some invoice numbers to be recreated when orders were updated by ShipStation or Shippit.

Other Changes

  • Special Offers. You can set the maximum number of active days for a special to 1,000,000 days.
  • Tags for Product Descriptions. We’ve added the Tags field to the Product Edit page, which can be used for Meta Description in the B2B eCommerce module and for products customers upload to Shopify. This field displays under Website Options, which can be switched on in the Product Settings.

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