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What our clients say about us

“It’s gone from a whole day’s worth of work every week to maybe an hour in total. Cin7 has cut down the work considerably”

-Ruth Townsend,
Inventory Planning Manager, Anova


“Automatically sending communication back and forth to the 3PL has been a huge help. If we notice that the inventory is not aligning we can quickly see it in Cin7 in real-time. ”

-Andrew Sutton,
Head of Operations, Tipsy Elves


“Cin7 will be our inventory control platform for at least the next five years, but the manner in which cloud innovation constantly evolves, it may be the perfect long-term solution for Earthwell.”

-Gary Sukovaty,
Co-Founder, Earthwell


“Cin7 is one of the few off-the-shelf solutions supporting a business that does it all: multi-site retail, wholesale and online. It integrates our sales centers with Xero, our CRM and shipping tools, helping us get most processes done quicker. It speeds up our background processes so we can focus on our core business goals and gives us the space to focus less on the system and more on the business.”

-Matt Newman,


“Cin7 has really saved me time and effort when it comes down to tracking things. I have more free time to do more important things. It’s given us the ability to be sure that our buyers know where our goods are and that we can deliver to them in a timely manner.”

-Jason Guerin,
Logistics Specialist, Leaders Cosmetics


“We’re able to fulfill orders quicker and more accurately and maintain our inventory in a tighter, more rigid fashion. We don’t have to manually log and track everything. We can count on Cin7 to do it for us, so we can just focus on responding to our franchisees.”

-Matthew Kessenich,
Director of Finance, The Spice & Tea Exchange


“We were looking for a change in lifestyle, combining a place we love with a product we love and market that in Mauritius. We wanted to get into a better lifestyle and out of the nine-to-five thing.”

-Evelyn Burns,
Co-Founder, New Horizon Wines


“It’s just having the information at your fingertips which can be immediately understood and without the need for a bunch of spreadsheets. It simplifies your business, makes it a lot easier to run, and a lot more transparent.”

-Gordon Grant,
CFO, I Love Ugly


“Every ERP said I needed to work with an EDI partner...The fact that Cin7 held that internally added a lot of value for me because I didn’t want to have to deal with yet another third-party.”

-Roy Nakouzi,
Chief Operating Officer, Nathan James


“Cin7 has improved the happiness of our customers, and of our warehouse and our customer service team.”

-Stacy Able,
VP, Waddle & Friends


“We’ve come from a business that was really only focused on one market to being focused on five, from internet to trade business to supermarkets, and it can be a bit of nightmare coordinating across all those markets. Cin7 helps us take the pain out of it and integrates perfectly with Amazon, which is really key for us.”

-Dan Dear,
General Manager Sales and Marketing, Steens Honey


“We’d previously tried using an ERP and doing accounting in-house. That’s great if you can get things integrated, but sometimes these things just aren’t a ‘do-it-all’ tool. Cin7 made it so much easier to view our accounts in Quickbooks and to manage our processes.”

-Jessica Diehl,
Co-Founder, Zestt


“It’s been a significant benefit to our business in terms of cash flow and getting money in the door quicker.. It’s clean, and it’s easy to use, and we love being able to market to our valued customers with a thank you directly after payment is received.”

-Mason Taylor,
Founder, SuperFeast




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