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Shopify and QuickBooks Online

Quickly integrate Shopify and QuickBooks to simplify your eCommerce channel management. Connect your website and your accounts in just a few clicks and synchronize your sales, inventory, and financial data in a single solution that makes your business easier to manage.


Cin7. It’s How Shopify and QBO Stay Connected

Get more from your business software than the sum of its parts. When you integrate your Shopify website and your QuickBooks Online account with Cin7, you create seamless and efficient workflows for your inventory focused business. Automate order management, track accurate costs and sync your online sales to your accounts in a single click.




The Benefits of Integrating with Cin7

Save time, reduce data entry requirements and increase the efficiency of your inventory-focused business. Get more out of your business-critical software and take advantage of Cin7’s eCommerce automation and unique costing, inventory and accounting features.

Actual Costs

Track your Shopify channel’s actual inventory value, not average value, for precise COGS and gross profits in QuickBooks Online.

Landed Cost Tracking

Get even more precise costing with Cin7’s exchange rate, freight and customs duties tracking when importing products to sell on Shopify.

Online Order Automation

Get Shopify orders directly to your private or 3PL warehouse for immediate shipping as you receive sales.

Batch Uploading

Upload multiple Shopify sales to QuickBooks Online as a single transaction for quick and easy reconciliation.

Product Availability

Automatically keep Shopify up to date with available stock levels and never oversell a product.

Order Status Updates

Automatically let your Shopify customers know their order is on the way as soon as it is picked.

Multi-Currency Support

Buy and sell in different currencies and track exchange rates between your base and foreign currencies.

Accounting Dashboard

Sync data with QuickBooks in a click, and quickly identify and fix discrepancies between Cin7 and QuickBooks.

Stock Allocation

Show Shopify customers available stock from any branch, and dispatch orders from your warehouse closest to their location.



Connected Inventory Made Simple

Cin7 lets you connect your online sales with your accounting ledgers in a straightforward,  one-off setup process. Start by logging in to your Cin7 account as an administrator and proceed.

    1. Install Shopify from our App Store.

    2. Connect Cin7 to your Shopify account.

    3. Approve the connection in Shopify.

    4. Connect Cin7 to your QuickBooks Online account.

    5. Configure the connection with our setup wizard.

    6. Approve the connection in QuickBooks Online

Award-Winning Inventory Management Software

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