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Inventory management software for multi-channel businesses

Optimize inventory, maximize cash flow, contain costs

Modern product-focused business is tough to manage. You have to get your products to your customers through multiple channels and fulfillment options. Using a lot of solutions and spreadsheets to manage stock and orders just makes things more difficult. Cin7 integrates your channels, locations and order processes in a single management platform to make your business more efficient, in the way you do business.

Inventory management

Cin7 gives you full visibility stock visibility in stores and warehouses, and lets you track in batch or serial numbers, plan production jobs, know when to replenish and always carry the right amount of stock to meet customer demand.

450+ integrations

Cin7 syncs inventory and automates fulfillment processes for the eCommerce platform, online marketplaces, 3PL warehouse, department store, specialty retail chain or supermarkets where you sell or hold your products.

Workflow automation

Spend less time getting orders out to your customers and more time on your core business. Cin7 automatically adjusts inventory with every order, routes orders from your online channels to your warehouse, and more.

Accurate costing

Cin7 integrates with popular accounting solutions like Xero and Quickbooks, and tracks the value of your inventory along with the world’s most precise costing, including freight and duty for landed costs, Amazon fees and local sales taxes.

Retail POS

Do more than just transact wherever you meet your customers. Our built-in POS module provides organizational stock visibility, order routing, omnichannel fulfillment options, loyalty program management and promotional pricing for your stores/popups.

Warehouse management

Get your warehouse functioning more efficiently and get orders out to customers on time.

“It’s just having the information at your fingertips which can be immediately understood and without the need for a bunch of spreadsheets. It simplifies your business, makes it a lot easier to run, and a lot more transparent.”
Gordon Grant, CFO, I Love Ugly



Cloud inventory management for how you do business

Your business model depends on who your customers are. These days, they can be anywhere. Cin7’s modules and integrations allow you to manage your business as you add new channels and locations.

Inventory Software optimized for your industry


Brands use Cin7 to manage light production and to track landed costs for purchases from overseas suppliers and contract manufacturers. Cin7’s BOM, Virtual Stock and pre-order features let manufacturers plan production jobs.

Multichannel and chain retail

Coordinate inventory and fulfillment as you sell direct to consumers on your website, in Amazon and other marketplaces and in your store, manage your warehouse and/or manage in your 3PL provider.

Multichannel wholesale

Manage orders, inventory and invoices as you supply customers online using Cin7’s built-in B2B eCommerce module, sell in specialty marketplaces like JOOR, restock customers at their locations, or sell to department stores, specialty retail chains or

Multi-entity business

Manage sales and orders efficiently when your business includes multiple entities.


Award-Winning Inventory Management Software



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