Why Inventory Tech has to Change with the Times

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During a recent all-hands meeting, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos candidly spoke about the fragility of the company’s success, saying “Amazon is not too big to fail”. And while the eCommerce giant may seem indestructible, Bezos recognizes the secret to Amazon’s longevity will be to evolve and adapt to changing technologies and market trends.

Like Amazon, all businesses should continually adapt to change and promote a culture of sustainable growth. While this may seem like a complex problem, the solution may be as simple as implementing a scalable inventory management system.

Considering the potential for growth that businesses have today, investing in a strategic inventory management software and updating your processes in response to new technologies has never been more crucial.

Utilizing emerging technologies and trends will ensure your ability to optimize your order fulfillment process, make data-driven decisions, and respond to changing customer needs.

Having an inventory management system that scales with your business means you can:

Manage Increased Demand

Today, brands have the unique advantage of responding to new opportunities almost instantaneously by adding and dropping sales channels at the drop of a hat—and the unique disadvantage of managing the aftermath.

As you grow into new areas and open new sales channels, fulfilling orders will become more and more complex. In order to keep up with demand, your inventory management system needs to be able to seamlessly connect sales channels, process orders and manage stock.

If your inventory management system cannot keep up with your company’s growth, not only will your operational efficiency suffer, but also your customer satisfaction and bottom line.

Make More Informed Decisions

With more channels and locations comes more decisions— and a greater need for in-depth sales and inventory data. For brands to confidently plan for the future, it is essential for any inventory management system to compile information that can be readily mined.

This can give brands the analytics to help predict future customer buying patterns and determine which products to sell, where to hold them and which ones to phase out.

Adjust to Changing Customers

In the age of unlimited choice, customers not only have options in what they buy, but also in how they buy it. To keep up with demand from multiple channels while creating a seamless shopping experience, your inventory management software needs to support an omnichannel strategy.

In doing so, every channel and touchpoint will be fully integrated, giving you full visibility of the supply chain process— ensuring your customers always have a positive shopping experience.

In today’s ever-changing market, businesses that want to stay current need to have scalable inventory management systems that can evolve with new consumer behaviour and disruptive technologies.

In the words of Jeff Bezos, “What’s dangerous is not to evolve”.

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